Cardillo & Prado Rossi firm

Founded in 1947, Cardillo & Prado Rossi firm is ranked among the most reputable business law firms in Brazil.

For over sixty years, it has excelled in the provision of a high quality and excellence services characterized by distinguished service and close contact with our clients.

Throughout these years, Cardillo & Prado Rossi firm has been operating in the main areas of Law with commitment, ethical principles, transparency and constantly investing in the formation and technical quality of our professionals+.

We are proud to serve clients from several segments, of national and foreign capital, with operations in Brazil and abroad. For us, excellence results from decades of tradition and experience in addition to great effort and dedication.

Within such context, Cardillo & Prado Rossi firm imposes its operating style, presents efficient solutions that safely meet our clients’ needs and add value to their businesses.

Cardillo & Prado Rossi


Business law with emphasis on Civil and Tax Law.


Present efficient solutions that meet the clients’ needs and add value to their businesses.


Rank among the most reputable and acknowledged law firms.


Ethics, Excellence, Commitment, and Transparency.